Clothe the naked Prince

To the choice of slavery that was given to them, our ancestors at the battle of Crête-à-Pierrot manifested their humanity shouting <”Liberté ou la mort”. “Freedom or death”>>. Having been handed the choice to live as human pariah in America, our generation has the clear choice of manifesting our humanity with the proud rallying cry << we will develop Haiti or it will not exist.>>

I reject the middle ground of incremental change. I have turned my back on the sterile wait of a national consensus that will never happen. I’ve buried the wishful solution of decentralization which is intrinsically a cliché empty of meaning. I am sick and tired of carrying abroad, the vile title of the poorest country of the western hemisphere, in order to offer to Port-au-Prince the title of Sir the Prince, inside Haiti. I do not want anymore my dignity to subsidize, the naked Prince and his fantasies of grandeur.

I am a man! I am going to look you right in the eye and tell you the pure and simple truth.  The current socio-political system with Port-au-Prince as focal point is aberrant from all angles. This system of infamous reputation has given blatant evidence of its structural failure to answer the smallest legitimate expectations of the Haitian people. Listen, incredulous people, the nation and the country are two different concepts. If one wants the nation as an entity to be united, on the contrary, a country is naturally divided into regions.

This persistence in artificially creating a single socio-political entity is the main source of our problems and the narrow yoke which is choking us all. The system of Port-au-Prince, this political black hole, this soulless hybrid creature, this amalgam of bits and pieces of glued visions, this Frankenstein city-state is rendered blind by wearing simultaneously the glasses logically designed for other regions of the country. Port-au-Prince, the impossible dream, this crazy product, this bottomless hole, will only live its destiny of ending up in the dustbin of history and pull the whole country in its fall.

Port-au-Prince is a naked monarch who believes that his nudity is a creative fashion and insists on imposing its so-called ceremonial to his subjects who themselves would like to be dressed. Port au Prince is at best an amateur swimmer which is using pedantry to appear floating on the water and is set up lifeguard and national lifesaver, by a group of blind people. 

Port-au-Prince as a system can only sink and drown with all those forcibly attached or voluntarily snapped on his back. Therefore I say, I repeat, I shout: free the provinces placed on the back of this incompetent, some of which are naturally better swimmer than our so-called lifeguard.

Listen! The vessel is sinking because it has not been properly designed to float. Then in the urgency, I raise my voice, I yell, I roar: please let the people in the rest of the country swim and try to save their own life

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