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Federal Haiti

"The struggle for true freedom continues. Failure is not an option."

Welcome to the website of the Haiti Federal. As its name suggests, this site aims first of all to stimulate a debate on a new federalist vision of the future of Haiti. This debate is non-partisan and aims only to provide a logical solution to develop our country as quickly as possible, in the most stable and sustainable way, while remaining true to our identity and our history. 

We have been trying the unitary system that has existed for over 215 years with pathetic results. We know its inability or lack of results. Indeed, if we gave it another 200 years, we would still get the same result, because the same causes will produce the same effects. This is the conclusion given by science and not a fable of the mind invented by the superstitious approach. 

If the problem is with the traditional state model or system, let's think logically and find a new more suitable one that can meet our aspirations and unleash our potential as a people. Our allegiance is not with the system but with the ideal that we are supposed to pursue. Let us remember our motto: Liberty, equality and fraternity. 1804 brought us freedom, but who will bring us equality and fraternity? Under what regime can we reasonably achieve this goal? We know one thing for sure, the status quo of the present unitary state known as "The Republic of Port-au-Prince" will never be able to do that, because it was not designed for this purpose. . The socio-political system of "The Republic of Port-au-Prince" was not designed to develop Haiti as a whole and therefore will never be able to do so.



Our action is the result of a process of citizen involvement in the life of our society. We want to positively influence the lives of our fellow human beings as our individual contribution for a small step forward for this small piece of humanity called Haiti. Our goal is to share knowledge as a tool of freedom. As Bob Marley sang: "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, no one but us can free our mind." Therefore, we also seek to empower spirits and strive to empower those who do not have the capacity to do so on their own. We enthusiastically accept the ambitious responsibility we have taken on ourselves to be thinkers and potential popularizers of ideas.

Characteristics: Corruption and marginalization of regions

Operation: Centralized and a mafia monopoly

Our reality: A poor, arnachic and humiliated country.

Characteristics: Equality and sharing between regions

Operation: Autonomy and development of regions

Our goal: A prosperous, proud and respected Haiti




References of articles, proposals, theses 

promoting the solution 

of a federal system for Haiti.


Haiti Federalism

(haitifederalisme.com) After so many years of struggles, we see miserably that the country is still floundering in the doldrums. You have to have the male courage to proclaim it loud and clear. Even better, a firm determination to fight so that FEDERALISM is the backdrop for a new Haitian constitution. Moreover, it is our only lifeline. In the Common Homeland Myrtho Felix

Article from | lenouvelliste.com
Webster Pierre: a messenger of peace

Posted on 2011-06-20 

Loving his country with carnal love, Webster Pierre, born in Ouanaminthe in April 1944, holds a doctorate in mathematics applied to economics from the University of Social Sciences in Toulouse (France). Former Minister of the Environment under the regime of Jean-Bertrand Aristide (2001-2004), he edited two essays in the United States of America: "The bet of a hope for Haiti" and "A better world is possible »In which he dreams of a new country,…. it reflects on the various problems that hamper the evolution of our society and proposes a kind of political program likely to get our country out of the depths of underdevelopment. To do this, he promotes a federal constitution that will allow us to work for the happiness and progress of our people.


Proposal for a federal republic. Slogan: Federal Democracy By The People Of New Haiti.

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Federalism, the only viable solution for Haiti

DEC 31, 2014  3:23 PM

Our past practice is really what needs to be changed. From 1908 to 1915, seven presidents were elected and deposed. Now, many wonder if history is about to repeat itself since by coincidence a C-130 was seen at Port-au-Prince airport in anticipation of the chaos, as the 100th anniversary of the invasion of the US Marines in 1915.

The glorious past is the bubble we choose to live in, but we have also had too many shameful events in our history that should motivate us to change course, for example, from a unitary system to federalism, and dividing the country. in three main regions, North, South and Center.

Since then, after the death of Henry Christophe, we have quickly become under the leadership of Alexandre Pétion a republic shaping the unitary system of France. By default, this system promotes corruption, cronyism, nepotism and multi-submissive, equally weak and lame levels of government institutions because all power is centralized and vested in one man with the power of money and virtually responsible to no one. The opposition, for its part, has no interest but to gain power by overthrowing the president. Today is no different from the past 200 years.

Robenson from Haiti 

So, let's stop at the doctoral thesis of Dr. Gracien Jean entitled "Humanocracy and State Federalism, an alternative way to get Haiti out of its social crisis of 30 years: from 1986 to 2016". In this text, Doctor Jean proposes a new paradigm of political thought: Humanocracy.

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Indira Gandhi said: “The power to question is the basis of all human progress. Our editorial aims to ask the questions that fuel the dialogues and initiate informative debates. 

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